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Thursday May 26th

Pit Talk

Review: Is CarolinaGo a go or a no?

I am a millennial, and I was born in the technology age.

There are apps for everything, and UNC is attempting to catch up with that trend by launching CarolinaGo, an app that makes ConnectCarolina mobile.

Join me on my exploration of the good and bad of CarolinaGo.

Top 5 thoughts concerning CarolinaGo:

1. Emergency 

Listen, we all know that AlertCarolina isn’t always the fastest. Actually, it seems like Yik Yak would beat AlertCarolina in a race. However, I can’t say that I hate the convenience of the emergency tab for an urgent situation. You can call different departments of safety with one click, including the rape crisis center.

2. Calendars

Growing up my parents called me the “cruise director.” I’m a planner, and the holiday, events and academic calendars on CarolinaGo save me from Googling the same information over and over again. Not only is everything listed in one spot, but I can also bookmark the events I’m interested in for easy access.

It’s a good resource for non-planners, too. If you’re a spur of the moment person, then pop that bad boy open and see what UNC’s doing.

3. News

UNC may make the news and they may have an app, but it won’t replace the outside of university control news provider that is the Daily Tar Heel. Yes, this is a shameless plug for the DTH’s new email newsletter. It’s the greatest ideas behind theSkimm, but for a Tar Heel local audience!

4. Transit

This just might be my favorite part of the app. As a transfer student, I understand adjusting to UNC’s massive bus system can be difficult, believe me. This was a thoughtful addition for bus-savvy seniors and freshmen alike; the interface is very easy to use and more informative than NextBus.

5. ConnectCarolina

Two words: Application Error.

The portion of the app is by log in basis only, for obvious reasons, but it won’t even let me log in. Is anyone else having this problem? It’s as if UNC and Apple are both scheming to tell me that my iPhone 4S is not new and shiny enough. This is the part about the app that I hate the most. With classes starting tomorrow morning, students are beginning to reevaluate the classes they’re signed up for. If ConnnectCarolina functions for mobile, keeping tabs on classes with opening would become a breeze.


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