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Saturday May 28th

Pit Talk

7 songs that describe UNC after fall break

1. "Hard Out Here" - Lily Allen

The only thing harsher than our return to UNC’s weather is our return to its academics. While making that 2 a.m. walk of shame from Davis to the UL during your second all-nighter of the week and it’s just Tuesday, only Lily Allen’s "Hard Out Here" can come to mind.

2. "Sex Yeah" - Marina and the Diamonds

Marina and the Diamonds’ song "Sex Yeah" perfectly describes the current psychophysiological state of those Tar Heels who spent fall break trapped at home under the sobering, anti-swearing thumb of Mom and Dad. The party scene this weekend cannot get here soon enough. They need an injection of drunken fun with friends and consensual fun with new friends.

3. "Big Spender" - Dj Carnage

Long gone are the pleasure and privilege of Mom throwing snacks at you 24 hours a day and grandma cooking every meal for you during fall break. It’s now back to the food desert we call Chapel Hill, where delicious and accessible hot-cooked meals are a luxury. No other song than DJ Carnage’s "Big Spender" (an EDM remix of the 1960s broadway classic hit) better describes your thoughts when you see an undergrad using extra swipes to bring friends into the Top of Lenoir.

4. "What Do You Mean?" - Justin Bieber

It is completely possible that Justin Bieber’s hit song "What Do You Mean?" was actually written by a UNC student attempting to understand the 100 online mastering chemistry questions they've been neglecting.

5. "No Rest for the Wicked" - Lykke Li

Many Tar Heels enjoyed the comfort of sleeping in their own rooms without the interruption of roommates and hallmates over fall break. But it’s back to the land of suitemates screaming for no reason at 3 a.m. and roommates blow drying their hair in the room before an 8 a.m. You can’t help but open your eyes, roll over onto your back, face the ceiling and reflect on how Lykke Li really did get it right: There’ll be No Rest for the Wicked.

6. "Take Me To Church" - Hozier

A common experience for students at UNC is to return from fall break with a “can-do” and a “work harder” mentality to restore their GPA after the first round of midterms. However, after only three days back from fall break, we’re starting to realize that it’ll take a divine intervention to save our grades and have started playing "Take Me To Church" on repeat.

7. "Love Myself" - Hailee Steinfeld

As UNC moves further into the week, the fall weather appears to be claiming in-state residency and might be here to stay. This means pumpkin spice lattes, crushing leaves beneath your feet, sweaters and passing by that cute couple holding hands on the way on your walk home alone. But don’t fret, we Tar Heels will simply shrug it off and learn that loving ourselves is enough, and we don’t need anybody else.


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