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Tuesday June 6th

Pit Talk

Man on the street: How was your fall break?

Whether you enjoyed a trip home, took a mini vacation or stayed at school for fall break, we’re all back on the best campus in North Carolina (and ready to do all that homework we didn’t do over break). 

Since I really wanted to know if some of y’all did more interesting things than I did, I went out and interviewed four underclassmen about their break. Here are their responses!

Mary Selzer

First-year, undecided

CW: What did you do over fall break?

MS: Went to Washington, D.C.

CW: Oh cool, so what did you do there?

MS: Uh well I visited my sister at C.U.A. — the Catholic University of America — and hung out around her campus and went to lunch at a bunch of places in the city, visited some museums.

CW: Nice! Are you happy to be back on campus?

MS: Yeah it’s nice, I mean, going from a dorm room that isn’t my own to a dorm room that I can call home is a lot nicer.

CW: On a scale of 1-10, how much do you wish that fall break was longer than it was?

MS: Imma go with a 10!

Melanie Stewart

First-year, undecided

CW: So what did you do over fall break?

MS: I went home!

CW: Where is home for you?

MS: I live in Robbins, NC, close to Pinehurst.

CW: Great, and what did you do?

MS: I hung out with my parents, my brother, and visited my grandparents.

CW: What was your favorite thing about going home?

MS: Just getting to spend time with my family and all, catch up on sleep. Yeah, I slept until like 2 on the first day, and probably would’ve slept all day if my mom hadn’t come home.

CW: Same here! Do you wish that fall break was longer?

MS: Yes absolutely, but I’m excited to be back on campus and getting back into the swing of things. Just gotta get back into it all.

Kaitlin Cruz

First-year, Clinical Lab Sciences

CW: What did you do over fall break?

KC: Over fall break I actually went home, visited my parents in Mississippi.

CW: What was your favorite thing about going home?

KC: Just getting to hang out with my parents and little sister.

CW: Did you have to do any homework or study for midterms or anything?

KC: Well I had homework...but it didn’t quite get done over break as much as I’d like.

CW: Are you excited to be back at school?

KC: Yeah pretty excited, I love it here, so it’s never too bad to come back.

Grant Braam

Sophomore, economics

CW:  So what did you do over fall break?

GB: I went to Richmond to interview with a company there, so I had the interview and then stayed with a friend.

CW: Do you wish that fall break was longer?

GB: So I feel like everyone would want the extra time, some extra breathing room, but at the same time I’m not sure that I’d be willing to sacrifice winter break for an extended fall break.

CW: What was your favorite thing that you did?

GB: I liked exploring Richmond, going downtown with my friend and sightseeing.


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