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Monday January 24th

Pit Talk

Man on the street: What is your funniest Thanksgiving memory?

As UNC students returned to campus from Thanksgiving break on Sunday, staff writer Elizabeth Barbour asked: What is your funniest Thanksgiving memory?

“When my dad was marinating the turkey, he picked it up and it slipped out of his hands and skidded all the way across the floor. Luckily it was like in a bag so it didn’t matter but I just remember this turkey flying across the kitchen floor.”

— Nic Byron, sophomore, computer science and business

“Some of the older people in my family got together and they were telling us stories about when they were growing up…and they were just — it was a different time. They were just talking about all the wild stuff they used to do.”

“Most of it is stuff that couldn’t go in the paper.”

— Emmett Steward, junior, physics 

“Definitely when my whole family was on a trip to Walmart and before we got in my cousin played The Black Eyed Peas in the rain and we all danced outside of the car."

— Katherine Pfeufer, first-year, biology

“I’ve only celebrated (Thanksgiving) once, which is this year, so I really can’t tell what is the funniest. I mean the turkey, the turkey is delicious. And that’s it.”

“I went to celebrate Thanksgiving with another family my friend introduced me to, so I didn’t know them pretty much, but they’re very nice people so we had a lot of fun — like, first having the big meal and then we kind of played instruments. And I learned a lot of funny stories about Thanksgiving, about how it originated.”

— Jessie Tang, sophomore, mathematical decision sciences 

“My brothers both weigh themselves before and then they gorge themselves. Last year I took part too. So we’ll like weigh ourselves before and then compete to like who can eat the most and gain the most weight.”

— Caroline Reed, sophomore, biology and public health

“Yesterday, or three days ago, whenever Thanksgiving was, (a friend) and I made dinosaur chicken nuggets and pizza rolls and that was our Thanksgiving meal. We had fancy apple juice though!”

— Breanna Sharer, junior, health policy management

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