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Thursday January 20th

Pit Talk

5 best bathrooms on UNC's campus, ranked

This blog is part of a multi-part series about UNC campus bathrooms.

Bathrooms are very personal spaces. They also tend to be gross because, well, they’re bathrooms. That's why it’s important to find bathrooms that are suitable to your standards. 

Here is a list of decent public restrooms I found around campus:

5. UNC Student Union, downstairs

A bit down the hall and around the corner from Wendy’s. Less traffic than the bathroom on the Union’s main level, fairly clean, fairly good atmosphere. All around, an OK bathroom. Not spectacular but better than a lot of places.

4. Rams Head Dining Hall, upstairs

The secret bathroom! Except not really, now that I’ve posted it on the internet. Just head on over to Rams, go upstairs and round the overlook thing, and you’ll be there.

Out of all the times I’ve used this bathroom, there’s only been like one other person there. You won’t find yourself in a poop standoff any time in this bathroom.

3. Genome Sciences Building, first floor

Apparently Genome is locked during snow days, but it’s whatever. I’m sure there’s one of these on every floor so there’s no need for directions. These single-stalled restrooms in the modernistic setting of Genome are quite pleasant, though every time I’ve visited one there’s been a line. Boo.

2. Hill Hall, First Floor

OK, it’s not exactly pretty, but it’s a single stall — there aren't many of those on this campus. Hill Hall is north of New West and is currently undergoing renovation. This particular bathroom is located in the wing that remains untouched by construction. But regardless — it’s not too shabby! Added bonus: It has a FAN. Not even my apartment bathroom has one of those. No need to bring Febreze to this place.

1. Wilson Library, first floor

The first floor of Wilson Library houses the fancy Reading Room, the music library and some of the finest public bathrooms UNC has to offer! Take a side door into Wilson and make a right after you pass by the stairwell and you’ll find a hallway decorated with historic covers of the Carolina Alumni Review. Down this hallway is a cute little bathroom that no one seems to use, or know about. It’s practically private!

Tune in next week for the next part of this series: The 5 worst bathrooms on campus.

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