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Monday January 24th

Pit Talk

A 7-year-old perspective on the college experience

My baby sister holds a surprising level of wisdom, given her short seven years of experience on this planet. She is not afraid of big people or big places and has spent the night at UNC twice since I have made my home here. 

This morning, after she woke me up at 7:30, I treated her to a breakfast date at Rams Head Dining Hall. She was elated to fill up our table with pancakes with syrup, Lucky Charms and pink lemonade. 

Given the kid's endless wisdom, I decided to inquire about her perspective on college. The answers I received were short and not all that insightful, to be honest. Apprently, sorting the marshmallows out from the oat pieces in your Lucky Charms is far more interesting than answering your big sister's annoying questions about college.

Jordan Mareno: If you were a college girl, how would you want to spend your weekends?

Little sister: I would go see my family.

JM: What would you want to study if you could become an expert in anything?

LS: I wanna study animals and bones and stuff.

JM: Maybe you would like archaeology.

LS: Oh, yea, I was gonna say that.

JM: What would you do if you saw a Duke student walking around UNC?

LS: Well, I would tell them to leave. Or! Or I would just not look at them. 

JM: What do you think about the dining hall?

LS: It has yummy food.

JM: Would you want to come here every single day?

LS: Yea.

For future reference, seven-year-olds do not make stellar interview subjects.

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