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Monday January 24th

Pit Talk

Are you a quality snapper? If not, let me upgrade you.

Following these five guidelines closely will put you on a new level of Snapchat — one worthy of following. Let’s go from being a lame Snap Story people scroll past, to the main person they can’t stop stalking.


If your Snapchat friends can barely make out what’s happening in your photos and videos, the lack of quality will be mentally noted and your story will eventually be a thing of the past. Sorry Androids. So go outside or get near a window and find the light! Take a bomb selfie and an enticing video. Build that following.


With Snapchat on the rise as the newest and most popular of social media it’s important that you take it just as seriously — in a lighthearted way. Pay attention to what you write on your pics and vids and use the geotags to your advantage.


Do not forget to turn the sound on! Music too loud will get your story skipped, and so will videos made with headphones if you don’t keep the mic close enough to your mouth to hear your words.


In the age of Vine and history’s shortest attention spans you probably understand why it may not be beneficial to use all 10 seconds. Unless something hysterical is happening from beginning to end or you look REALLY cute and think people will listen to you talk into the camera for that long then do not use all ten.


Until you reach that pinnacle moment in your Snapchat career where you can confirm that people actually care to know what you’re doing, make your snaps relevant. Relate them to current events (potential tornado on campus), prominent Twitter fiascos (Damn Daniel), or cool things people may be jealous of (an exclusive concert or trendy pair of shoes.)

Use your qualities to your advantage! No one knows what you’re good at better than you.

If you’re funny, capture every hilarious clapback you make, every embarrassing failure you see (including your own), and don’t be afraid to be silly in public.

If you’re shy in front of people let Snapchat be the way you show the real you. Go public with your personality in the secrecy of your favorite snapping location.

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