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Thursday January 20th

Pit Talk

Snow in North Carolina is not real snow: A 'Coloradoan' perspective

I will admit that up until this December the idea of snow would have excited me. 

Then I moved to Colorado last summer and experienced a true Colorado winter. Complete with snow and everything. 

There’s something about going to get a pedicure and having to put your feet into plastic bags in order to walk back to your car amid a few feet of snow and navigate your way across a nice slab of ice that turns you off to the whole “winter wonderland” scenario.

I did not realize that snow in North Carolina meant ice, but spending a month in the middle of a Colorado winter had prepared me for this. 

I was ready to take on the ice, but I was not ready for the exuberance of those around me. 

I’ll admit it was pretty infectious at first and I went right along with it for two hours. Then I began to grow a bit weary of it all. I think I was one of the few people who wanted class on Monday.

It would’ve been a bit different if it had been a few inches of beautiful white powder, complete with exquisite snowflakes slowly falling to the ground. 

When you’ve just left the most freezing weather you’ve ever experienced, falling ice and freezing temperatures do not make you want to jump up and down with exuberance. It makes you want to lay in bed, watch "Return of the Jedi," “Saturday Night Live” reruns and read Beyonce’s unofficial biography.

I was not fun to be around during the so-called “Snowpocalypse.” I was basically a younger, female, better dressed Scrooge.

So to all of my friends — I’m very sorry that I went on a small tirade about how snow was overrated and how it was nothing to get excited about. 

I’m sorry for my snippy comments about how much better the snow in Colorado is and how it’s actually snow. 

As someone who originates from Texas, I should be more empathetic to your feelings of excitement towards snow. So I am sorry. Thank you for putting up with me and my cynical self. It’s much appreciated.

The Coloradoan in me has one final thought — Go Broncos!

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