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Monday January 24th

Pit Talk

UNC and Duke students created an antiperspirant hand lotion to save Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is still lingering. This means chocolate, teddy bears and holding hands. And if you’re anything like me that last one gives you heart palpitations.

My hands are about as inviting as a cold piece of lunchmeat turkey and just slippery enough to make you gag. They are so clammy. In first grade I was innocently swinging on the monkey bars and I slipped off because my hands were so sweaty. Then I broke my wrist. Sweaty hands are nothing to mess around with, kids.

Besides the innate fear of falling into doom off of the monkey bars, shaking hands and holding hands are two things that can be genuinely traumatizing for us clammy-handers. 

But these two people seem to understand the problem.

There is a product called Carpe, which is a antiperspirant hand lotion created by David Spratte and Kasper Kubica, two juniors at UNC and Duke. The two met during their freshman year and bonded over the shared experience of sweatiness.

As kid president says, “Things don’t have to be the way that they are!” Spratte and Kubica put their well-educated minds together to change the way that things are and developed a lotion that would physically stop hands from sweating.

After about 60 prototypes and consultations with their chemist, Chris Jenks, the two came up with a formula that stops hands from sweating. It works about the same way that deodorant does but without the gross residue (we’re looking at you, Dove).

Having overly sweaty hands can make everyday interactions awkward and difficult. Cristina Banks bought Carpe for her granddaughter Marissa with little expectation, but said it changed her life and allows her to go through high school like a normal teenager.

"Her confidence has shot up," Cristina said. "I highly recommend this product to anyone suffering with this problem."

Stop wiping your sweaty hands on your pants. Stop slipping off the monkey bars and breaking bones. Stop sweating so much out of your palms that you have enough liquid to water a garden.

With this fascinating product, we don't have to fear handholding anymore. Seize the hand! 

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