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Thursday January 20th

Pit Talk

Nail polish name generator

Because obsessed with nail polish names, I’ve decided to create a nail polish namer based on some of the more ridiculous colors I’ve seen.

Step one: Noun. 

The first object you see on your left-hand side is now your noun (no matter what it is).

Step two: Verb

Pick a number between one and ten. If it’s an odd number, think of a verb and attach –ing to the end. If it’s an even number, think of the last thing you were doing and make a verb out of it. 

Step three: Pick an adjective, any adjective

If you can’t think of, think of your worst enemy and give your nail polish color whatever adjective you’d used to describe that person.

Step four: A color. 

You can tack a color onto the end, or not depending on how brilliant your name sounds without it. If you want to go to the extra mile, add matte or shimmer to give your color name the extra push from weird to perfect for a pouty runway model wearing a dress made of orange tassels in New York City. 

Step five: Mix up the order. 

Take your words and put them in an imaginary grab bag. Shake it up and then pick them out or order to smash into a sentence that gets crazier the more you add to it.

These are my examples, but feel free to create your own!

Chair walking free green matte

Attack on Polka-dot frenemies

Roaring water jumping burgundy melons

Feeling my cockroach matte

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