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Wednesday January 26th

Pit Talk

7 things you're doing instead of studying for finals

There is a week and half left before the beginning of the most dreaded time of the year — finals. 

On top of countless projects, research papers and other end of the semester assignments, students are also expected to begin studying for finals, but who ACTUALLY has the time for that. No one. So, here are seven common activities you are probably doing instead of studying for finals (besides reading this article). 

1. Calculating the exact grade you need to get on the final in order to pass the class

Deciding how much you need to study, based off the grade you need to get, in order to pass the class, is a strategy every college student has used at least once.

2. Binge-watching Netflix

Honestly, who hasn't watched Netflix at one point or another in order to avoid studying? Here are some Netflix binge-watching guides to Gossip GirlFriday Night LightsHow I Met Your Mother, House of Cards and Gilmore Girls.

3. Play with Puppies in the Pit

A relaxing and therapeutic way to forget about the copious amount of studying you have to do within the next week and a half. 

4. Weighing the pros and cons of dropping out of school

I have seriously contemplated whether or not I should drop out of school, and have decided that the majority of my problems would be solved if I were to do so. My parents think otherwise.  

5. Convincing your friends to hang out with you instead of studying

Because procrastinating is more fun when you have friends to do it with. 

6. Web MD-ing your symptoms, and then convincing yourself you have a rare disease or a brain tumor

Does this mean I'm exempt from finals?

7. Running away from your problems, which counts as exercise during finals

When it comes down to it, you will eventually have to study for finals. Learning a million different things for several different classes can be not only stressful, but an extremely difficult task. But hey, if you decide to drop out, all you need to memorize is "would you like fries with that?" 

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