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Wednesday January 26th

Pit Talk

Dog sitting during the Final Four

For all of my dedicated readers (and I’m sure there are many of you), you know that I was not able to go to Houston this weekend because I was dog sitting. The best part is that I’m dog sitting my own dog, Petunia, because my family is IN TEXAS this week for my sister’s spring break.

This is my extremely exciting Saturday spent dog sitting instead of being at the Final Four game in Houston:

Petunia woke me up at 8 a.m. because she had to pee. I took her outside. She peed. I fed her once we got back inside. I went back to sleep for two hours.

I woke up with inexplicable energy. Could it be true? Could I really be here in my house alone on one of the most exciting days of college? All I can say is that I felt very lucky.

I then made myself a large breakfast, trying fruitlessly to replicate the breakfast potatoes from brunch at the dining halls (can I get an amen?) and sat at my kitchen table that has been smushed into the corner of the living room. 

OH yes! I forgot to mention that my dishwasher recently flooded, so my entire downstairs looks like a scene from a horror film.

There are giant plastic sheets hanging from each doorway, taped to the walls on either side. To get around you have to maneuver yourself through a tiny hole in between the plastic and the wall. Besides that there are gigantic dehumidifiers and long tubes scattered all around. Go Heels!

Afterwards I took Petunia outside again. She is not big on exercise, but she is big on peeing, so we had to take many trips to the front yard.

I finally took my morning shower at about 1 p.m. After my shower I began to prepare for the day. I should say now that Petunia’s water and food bowls have been moved upstairs because she is afraid of the loud, villainous sounding dehumidifiers downstairs. Anyway, as I began to rub the deodorant under my arms, the deodorant stick somehow fell out of the container and plopped into none other than Petunia’s slimy water bowl! In hindsight I should have been more careful of course; deodorant loves to swim!

At this point, it was essential that I get a new stick of deodorant and also essential that I get out of the house. I took Petunia outside one more time before I bid her farewell and began gallivanting ‘round Holly Springs, North Carolina.

In my exciting time away I bought deodorant, face powder, and a leotard for the upcoming Blank Canvas Dance Showcase that I am shamelessly plugging right now. You should absolutely go to it. 

In the next couple of hours I (surprise!) took Petunia outside again. I went for a run and mowed the lawn, feeling inspired by that tiny “You go girl” snap chat filter that I don't think had any real purpose. 

At this point, the game was drawing ever nearer and I was ever more plagued with FOMO. It was time to make a game time decision.

I decided to leave Petunia to her thoughts for a couple of hours and drive back to Chapel Hill just to watch the game with friends in the Dean Dome. I promise Petunia slept the entire time, okay!

Though the guilt is still nagging me a bit, I’m so glad that I was able to be in Chapel Hill for that game. As UNC students we get to be a part of something so exciting and big not only now, but every day. There is nothing like the energy that was UNC’s campus on Saturday night.

But after the game I went home again. When I got home around 1 a.m., Petunia and I went out for a walk. And that, my friends, is dog sitting. 

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