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Tuesday December 7th

Pit Talk

First-year perspective: Q&A with a student who has been at UNC for a year

Hey fellow heels! I’m Kylie, your run-of-the-mill first-year. You met me a few months ago when I answered questions for this article.

I’m basically the quintessential first-year: I live on the 10th floor of HoJo, I met my roommate via Facebook online dating, I have perfected the art that is the South Campus bus system, and I wear my complimentary Carolina Dining Services T-shirt to bed almost every night. 

During my first year here at UNC, I've taken about  a thousand pictures of Old Well, managed to fill my T-shirt drawer to the brim, cried after we lost to Duke, gotten over the novelty that is the Pit Preacher and had a class with a basketball player (please don't leave for the NBA, Justin!!)

Now that I've got two semesters under my belt, I can accurately share my Unique & Totally Original Freshman Perspective (UTOFP) with y'all (I say that word now).

Last fall I answered these questions Online Managing Editor Kelsey Weekman gave me, and now, as a seasoned college student, I revisit them to see how my UTOFP has changed.

Kelsey Weekman: What’s your favorite place to eat on Franklin Street? 

Kylie Marshall: I love Linda’s cheese fries. But, if I’m sitting and eating, probably Spicy 9 – that’s where I make my parents take me whenever they are in town.

KW: What’s your favorite place to study? 

KM: In my room. I like to have my bed nearby so I can reward myself for 30 minutes of work with a nice 2 hour nap.

KW: What’s your favorite class? 

KM: I like BUSI 101 because C.J. will randomly break into song or tell funny, long-winded stories, but it’s too hard to be my favorite. Probably POLI 203 because it’s about the death penalty and we’ve had a bunch of death row exonerees come to talk to us, which is very cool.

KW: Who’s your favorite UNC celebrity? 

KM: Gary has been pretty absent this semester /: I would say Roy because he’s the cutest human ever. Or Carol, for the same reason.

KW: What’s something that annoys you about campus? 

KM:  I hate how slow Alpine, Healthy Bowl and the Daily Grind are. They’re all so good, but I never go anymore because they take way too long.

KW: What’s the best tip you’ve learned so far? 

KM: Take advantage of all your resources because you’re literally paying for everything in your fees, so you might as well. Go to the gym, go to random campus lectures, use the Writing Center, yada yada yada.

KW: What’s the best way to make friends? 

KM: Live on a social floor. Or join a student organization. My floor is pretty dead beat so I had to go with the latter.

KW: How’s the food on campus? 

KM: I only had 100 swipes and I’m struggling to use them all, if that tells you anything. And I used all my flex on fruit snacks from Pit Stop. All in all, 10/10 would recommend!!

KW: What’s the weirdest thing that has happened to you at UNC? 

KM: This is kind of weird, but mostly devastatingly ironic. My friend met Marcus Paige at a party, and I was complaining about it after class one day. While I was complaining, Justin Jackson opened the door for me, and I didn’t even notice. Karma.

There you have it, folks. My humble perspective on the FYE. 

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