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Tuesday January 18th

Pit Talk

Five things less painful than having a late registration time

For all you lovely people who haven’t yet registered for fall classes, I feel your freaking pain. 

Not only have I had to listen to my upper class friends talk about all the classes they’ve already registered for, but I’ve had to listen to my senior friends talk about not registering for classes — although they do have to graduate soon and figure out what to do with the rest of their lives which is probably worse than registering for classes. 

It’s bad enough that I can barely puzzle my way around Connect Carolina on a good day, but on registration day it’s madness. People are waiting, poised for the kill, fingers hovering over the buttons of their shopping carts, just waiting for the imaginary buzzer to sound so they can dive into the fray for the classes they want. It’s utter chaos, especially if you don’t get the right schedule.

To make matters worse, I always feel like I have to pee right before I register even though I know it’s just my bladder telling me I better not mess this up.

Anyway, to try and take my mind off my impending doom at the hand of Connect Carolina, here are five things less painful than a late class registration time:

Going to the dentist. Whether you’re there to get a cavity filled or to have your wisdom teeth removed, going to the dentist is never fun, but it still beats a late registration time for the fall semester.

Attending a family reunion. Between having to deal with racist Uncle Joe and those pesky grandmothers who won’t stop asking about your love life, family reunions may seem worse than death, but it’s still not quite as bad as a late time slot.

Finding out your adopted. It might rock your world, but only for a little while. If you don’t get into that class you need for your major, a late registration time may change your whole life!

Telling your parents you flunked out of a class. If you’re like me and need the approval of your parents like you do the air you breathe, this will knock the wind out of you for sure. Just imagine how even more disappointed they’d be if they found out you didn’t get to retake the class because it was already full. 

Dying. ZOMB 101 is a pre-req for any undead major and if you don’t get that class, you’re dead on arrival. Again! 

Got any other ideas? Tweet at the DTH with #worsethanlatereg 

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