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Wednesday December 8th

Pit Talk

To do: Get yourself a Tough Guy Chai before The Daily Grind closes

The Daily Grind is closing, and it sucks. There is nothing else to say. 

From the sweet and incredibly thoughtful baristas doing their best, to the loyal customers who knew the true solace of finding a table at the DG come noon. 

As angry and upset as we all are, I want to make sure everyone relishes in the last couple days of The Daily Grind being our favorite place to get a drink, to chat and to calm down — if only for five minutes. Take the time to notice the insane variety of magical mocha flavors, the cute and flustered baristas, the baked goods and granola bars and breakfast burritos, and most importantly, drink as many Tough Guy Chais as possible.

If it is the last thing you do, get yourself a Tough Guy Chai. It's a chai latte with a shot of espresso, and I highly recommend a) getting a double shot of espresso, and b) getting it with soy milk. This drink has changed my life. It's smoother and more silky than a regular shot of espresso or cup of coffee, but has a kick in it (because who doesn't need an IV of caffeine?) 

I fondly remember my first time at the Daily Grind at the beginning of this school year. I asked my friend what she got, and she pretty absent-mindedly said, "Oh, I got a Tough Guy Chai. It's really good." From that day forward, it's the only drink I order. Nothing else can satisfy my caffeine and sweet tooth craving in one. The Tough Guy Chai has been with me through so many coffee dates, long nights, and early mornings, and with it, The Daily Grind has always been sitting there to welcome me home. 

Not to mention, I love when the barista announces, "Tough Guy for Cass." 

@Starbucks, you won't even come close to the magical and endearing environment that is The Daily Grind. Long live, Tough Guy Chai. You were a beautiful cultured pearl in a world full of cubic zirconias.

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