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Thursday January 20th

Pit Talk

Tweets that just make sense at the end of the semester

Here are some posts that just make sense at the end of the semester:

1. You may or may not be failing all your classes


2. But at least you have LDOC to look forward to

3. And you look disgusting because you don’t have the energy to try to look cute anymore

4. You’re so stressed you flip out over the tiniest things

5. With just a few weeks until graduation, people are asking you what you’re doing after college

6. You’re slacking off so much your professors are finally noticing

7. You’re trying to make the remnants of your food last until move-out day

Source @EllenReaction

8. You realize how much work you have left to do and you’re just like


9. You’re even running out of money because you didn’t factor Bar Golf into your budget

10. But don’t worry because if you can just survive a few more weeks, you’ll be fine



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