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Sunday August 14th


How does UNC say 'pecan'?

The South is no longer bothered by the media's jokes and inaccurate portrayals on our accents. There seems to be this belief that the intensity of your southern accent is indication of low-brow intelligence and a clear sign that you have an NRA meeting this Saturday.

I am (not) adventurous: A horror story

On every one of those “personality assessments” that you take online while you should be doing important things, there is a question that asks you to choose the group of words which you feel best describes you.

Carving pumpkins and taking names

There are several ways to show your school spirit. You can wear your team’s colors. You can attend football games. You can also brutally gouge your school’s logo into a giant orange fruit. UNC Creative and Office of University Development prefer the latter.

Five annoying but charming Halloween goodies

With Tim Burton’s "The Nightmare Before Christmas" playing in the background, Disney classic "Halloweentown" recorded and the new season of "American Horror Story" on stand-by for when I actually wanted to get scared instead of delightfully amused, I think I’m ready for Saturday.

Hit the Quad: My stint with postmodern dance

The quads on UNC’s campus are collectively the greatest place on earth. When the sun is shining and the grass is warm, there is literally nothing I would rather do than sit on the quad in front of Wilson and pretend to do my homework/actually fall asleep. But the quads are worth so much more than just our failed efforts in trying to be decent students. The quads are great places for Frisbee, tossing the ol’ pigskin, preaching, sunbathing (in your clothes, though, please and thanks), picnicking, picking at grass, picking your nose, etc. One of the weirdest and best things I’ve ever done in the quad, though, is interpretive dance.