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Monday August 8th


7 songs that describe UNC after fall break

1. "Hard Out Here" - Lily Allen The only thing harsher than our return to UNC’s weather is our return to its academics. While making that 2 a.m. walk of shame from Davis to the UL during your second all-nighter of the week and it’s just Tuesday, only Lily Allen’s "Hard Out Here" can come to mind. 

If UNC majors were Harry Potter Houses

Over fall break, ABC Family — I refuse to call it Freeform — had a Harry Potter weekend marathon, so I too of course, had a marathon... in which I watched Daniel Radcliffe and the gang, yet again, go through puberty.

Man on the street: How was your fall break?

Whether you enjoyed a trip home, took a mini vacation or stayed at school for fall break, we’re all back on the best campus in North Carolina (and ready to do all that homework we didn’t do over break).

Going home: Expectation vs. Reality

Everyone knows that going home is the perfect time to get ahead on homework, eat delicious home-cooked meals, sleep and come back to campus refreshed and ready to tackle another week. 

Go Heels, Go America

I do not read the fine print. I mean, who does? I also do not understand big cities at this point in my life.

Meet the (future) Nobel Prize winners from UNC (maybe)

In case you thought your school was a little lacking in its credential game, just add UNC School of Medicine Professor Aziz Sancar — the recently announced 2015 Nobel Prize recipient in chemistry — to the list of what makes UNC the absolute place to be. Literally all the time. YGG, UNC!!

UNC's Sticky Situation

Strolling through Davis or the UL on your average school night and most of us would probably not even notice. We've been immersed in the practice for so long that the oddity of it all has actually... stuck... with us. Stickers are everywhere on this campus, especially on the backs of laptops and water bottles.

UNC apps that do not exist, but probably should

Apps are continually enhancing our everyday lives. There’s Venmo, which allows you to make digital payments and simplify your monetary interactions. There are also a couple more important ones, like Animal Selfie (which allows you to superimpose an animal taking a selfie over your own pictures) and Mullet Magic (which allows you to put a mullet on any picture).

Culture Shock: Surrounded by library food and human sloths

One thing I've noticed here in the United States is that students take everything they own with them, everywhere. As the constantly shocked, always observant foreigner I am, I did some thorough research of this phenomenon at the magical place that is... the library.