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Wednesday June 29th


UNC Bucket List #1: what you see on the P2P

You do not get to be number one for no reason. To be number one on a list of prestige and import like UNC’s Bucket List, something must be truly worthwhile. Riding a full circuit on the P2P captures the essence of what Chapel Hill nightlife can offer.

The Internet has been changing the world since it’s creation, but its effects on American politics were at the forefront of the conversation in the Halls of Fame room in Carroll Hall yesterday. Assistant Professor Dave Karpf of George Washington University delivered a presentation on his new book, “The MoveOn Effect: The Unexpected Transformation of American Political Advocacy.” Karpf began the book as a dissertation project seven years ago. “So the first word was written in 2006, but that word also changed 18 times before it went to the publisher,” said Karpf. The book examines ways in which the Internet and political action groups that originated on the web have changed the way Americans interact in the political system. John Cluverius, a third year graduate student, said he found the presentation especially interesting. “It’s good to see academic work that follows political developments in the world so closely,” Cluvius said.

Tar Heel Makeouts: #embarassing

Now you have to watch your back while you are out having fun. The all-knowing Tar Heel Makeouts twitter account may catch you in the act. The twitter account posts photos of lip locking couples in good fun and was inspired by a similar idea at another school. “A friend of mine at another school told me about one that they have, and I thought it would be funny if we had one too,” said the creator, who requested to remain anonymous. The creator of Tar Heel Makeouts says when the account was made, he or she did not intend to continue running it or start it legimitately. “I had no idea it would catch on to the degree that it has, “ the creator says. Depending on whether the night before was a big “going out” night, the twitter account receives anywhere from 1-10 photos a day, mostly through email submissions. If you haven’t checked it out you should.

Hot dog eating contests are all you could have hoped for. Imagine hungry guys hovered around tables with plates stacked full of hot dogs in the living room of a frat house. Pi Lambda Phi fraternity held its First Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest where about 20 fraternity brothers each consumed ten hot dogs in a timed race to win Duke vs.

Paddle tennis is a hit at UNC

When thinking about UNC athletics, paddle tennis is not usually—or ever—the first sport to come to mind. But as the fastest growing racquet sport in the country and thanks to efforts by Marty Pomerantz, the director of campus recreation, it is gaining momentum at UNC.

No Shave November: A Hairy Situation

No Shave November is upon us. Let the patchy beards and grimy moustaches begin! What originally started as a trend to increase awareness about Prostate cancer has developed into a large-scale trend, with men of all ages attempting their own month of no shaving.

All Hallow's hunt

Halloween is finally upon us, which means most of us will be reveling in all it’s spookiness on Franklin Street tonight. While you’re out gallivanting about in your All Hallow’s best, why not turn all that fun into a scavenger hunt of sorts? It is fairly common to take pictures with random strangers in costume while you make your way through the crowd, especially if those costumes are pretty clever. So here is your challenge for tonight: take a picture with the following costumed strangers, or friends, and tweet at us!

Bane to make a Halloween appearance on Franklin Street

Bane’s making a stop at Franklin Street on Halloween — frat style. In an attempt to bring Bane to UNC, sophomore Christoper Batch, an economics and political science double major, ran a campaign to construct a costume that restored the character of Bane — with a UNC twist.

UNC Bucket List #81: Introduce yourself to Chancellor Holden Thorp

I basically wanted to know what all of the hype was about. Yesterday I completed #81 of the UNC bucket list and introduced myself to UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp. As we all know, Chancellor Thorp will be resigning at the end of the 2013 school year, so I could not think of a better item to cross off the UNC bucket list. I decided to make the move, knowing it was a long shot, around 2 A.M.