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Tuesday June 6th


What’s going on in October?

The days are getting slightly cooler, pumpkin spice lattes have been added to the menu at Starbucks, and people are already discussing their Halloween costumes.

Students Network with Non-Profits

The Nonprofit/Social Service Careers Meet-up, a joint event through the Campus Y and University Career services, provided students with a unique networking opportunity to connect with professionals in the social service and nonprofit sector.

Roommate experiences you're glad you never had

Now that you are a little over a month into the new school year, you’ve probably become well acquainted with your roommate, suitemates and hallmates. You might even know them a little too well. But what is the craziest roommate story you have ever heard? Well, we wanted to know.

The Twinlight Zone: I See Twin People

The special bond between twins can be helpful in times of stress, especially during the transition from high school to college, and the number of twins on the Carolina campus is significant.


Twitter and Facebook could act as more than just social media sites — they could also help find your next place of employment.

The Courage Project

In an effort to promote discussion of a topic that they believe is not adequately addressed, junior Andrea Pino and senior Julia Da Silva pioneered a campaign called “The Courage Project” that will feature a gallery of photos and testimonials from victims of sexual assault.

Top 5 ways to save money: Organization

Here are five ways to organize your time, your desk and your dorm room: Use your word-processing program or Google to print a free calendar and/or planner If you print double sided pages and shrink page sizes down to exactly as big as they need to be, you won’t use more printing money than the cost of a calendar or planner from Staples.

Top 5 ways to save money: Free entertainment

This list began as just a bunch of tips on finding cheap entertainment, because that’s my job. But then I realized that there are so many options that are completely free that I decided to change the scope of this list altogether.