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Sunday June 26th


Feels like a Carolina Fall

Fall is just over a week away (finally), and the changing of the seasons brings some exciting events and beautiful changes to our campus. It’s that wonderful time of year when we can stop sweating our way to class on our 15-20 minute walk up from south campus. And with the near-“sweater weather” we’ve been having this week, it’s a little easier to get excited for the changing of the leaves and the abundance of pumpkin everything. Here are a few things to look forward to in the next few months.

The top 10 places to study around campus

Whether you’re a man of habit or a woman of spontaneity, where you choose to write your important papers or study for your big exams is crucial to your success.

Fish are friends: the pros and cons of dorm fish

Having a pet in your dorm room is a great way to make your home away from home a little more comfortable. They can help cure any feelings of loneliness or warm your heart after a tough day of classes. When it comes to animal companionship at UNC, fish are the closest it gets to anything cute and cuddly. But before you go out and buy a fancy-looking betta, you should be aware of the pros and cons of adding a new member to your dorm family.

"Who needs feminism?"

What started as the final project for a small women studies class at Duke is now a worldwide movement — involving hundreds of thousands of people — to bring new meaning to the term “feminism.” UNC’s multicultural sorority Omega Phi Beta hosts the “Who Needs Feminism?” campaign on campus this week.

How to be a good dorm-dweller

Now that you’re a week and a half into this school year, you’ve probably gotten to know your roommate, or hallmates or suitemates. But soon (if not already) you will run into some inevitable bumps in your living situations. Here are some tips to having a peaceful rest of your year.

Some LFIT sections move exam for Obama

While some teachers are canceling classes or excusing students who want to see President Obama speak, students in the Tuesday/Thursday sections of lifetime fitness have an opportunity to move their final exam.

No Final Four appearance, no Final Four merchandise

The sting from UNC’s loss to Kansas last night extends beyond fan heartbreak, and local businesses are feeling the pain financially. John Gorsuch, director of Student Stores, said in April 2009, the last time the men’s basketball team won the National Championship, Student Stores made $770,000 more than typical April sales, which normally run around $300,000. But Gorsuch doesn’t see this as a loss. “Whichever university wins gains a rare opportunity,” he said.

#PassFir5t movement lets the Tar Heel community show support for Marshall

When smooth-as-butter point guard Kendall Marshall seriously injured his right wrist in Sunday’s win over Creighton, many fans were upset. Since that Sunday night, Marshall has received a shocking amount of support from his Twitter followers. From people’s prayers for a successful surgery on Monday morning (which went great, Kendall says he’s screwed) to well wishes throughout the day, Marshall experienced the warmth of the Carolina Way.

This is Carolina Biology

This is Carolina Biology. Yes that’s right, the famous segment often shown in the Dean Dome has taken on a new form — the Biology department has created its own version of the video. Kelly Hogan, a senior lecturer in the biology department, is the mastermind behind the video.

UNC Memes page gains popularity

The UNC memes Facebook page has been online for less than two weeks, and already has more than 3,000 likes. A few individual memes on the page have amassed more than 300 likes, and it’s gaining more popularity every day. A meme is an image accompanied by text that is usually meant to be funny. Memes like the Dos Equis man and socially awkward penguin are pretty common and have a certain format. Sophomore Aaron Lutkowitz is the page’s founder. Though he is at Duke this semester, he swears his allegiance falls completely with UNC. He started the page after he heard about Duke’s memes page.

One year later, Phillips is staying out of politics

Andrew Phillips has swapped election petitions for prayer petitions. Phillips, last year’s chairman of the Board of Elections, served as mediator, defendant and judge during one of the most complicated and venomous student elections in recent memory. One year later, he said he has no plans to get back into politics.