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Sunday January 16th


Fighter Jets Fly Above Campus

Wondering what the lunchtime earth shaking noise was? Four F-16C fighter jets flew repeatedly over campus today, practicing for Saturday’s football game fly-over.

University Career Services finds hope in economy during Diversity Career Fair

University officials said they were hopeful about the future after the Diversity Career Fair drew hundreds of students and nearly 60 employers into the Student Union Wednesday night. The fair was an effort to bring together students and employers who want to see more diversity in the workforce, said University Career Services director Ray Angle.

Leather bound ledgers linked to Faulkner's works at Wilson Library

Hidden within UNC’s Southern Historical Collection at the Wilson Library since 1946 are five leather bound ledgers that reveal a startling connection to one of the most influential writers of the 20th century, William Faulkner. Dating back to 1839, the ledgers contain daily cotton totals, the purchase and sale of slaves and among other personal records that had remained relatively insignificant until two and a half years ago.

Student Congress Chronicle: Sept. 14

The 92nd Student Congress met Tuesday night in Peabody Hall at 7:30 p.m. Forty executive branch external appointments were confirmed by the 32 voting members present. Aside from appointments, most congressional business was financially centered.

Scientists kick off "Out to Lunch with Science 360" series with weather talk

Professional and amateur scientists will descend on Morehead Planetarium this week for involved discussions. The Morehead Planetarium is hosting “Out to Lunch with Science 360,” an interactive science series sponsored by the 2010 North Carolina Science Festival, a statewide celebration of science. The festival features hands-on activities, lab tours, science talks, exhibits, performances and events. The five-event series began Tuesday with “Predicting Severe Weather.” The presentation focused on the difficulties meteorologists face in forecasting weather.

Poems in hand, students share talents at BSM audition

In the basement of the Student Union late Tuesday night, poet hopefuls stood one-by-one in front of a panel of judges, each gunning for a spot in the selective Ebony Readers/ Onyx Theater group. A total of 35 students auditioned for the group over two days of auditions. Only a fraction of the students will be accepted to join EROT, the subdivision of the Black Student Movement responsible for poetry, spoken word and theatrical dramas.

By-The-Numbers: Coker Aboretum

I decided to take advantage of the few warm-weather days we have left and spend an hour studying in the Coker Arboretum today. The Arboretum is a nice change of scenery from the library or dorm room for most students, allowing them to spread out across the grass or stretch out over a bench.

Bid Day onlookers go for the jugular

A predominantly male crowd of about 100 people surrounded the Bid Day proceedings Thursday in Coker Arboretum. Together, they raised the level of anticipation as women eagerly awaited their invitations to pledge a sorority. But it did not come without a cost.

By-The-Numbers: Large lecture class

By the numbers is back! After a brief hiatus last semester I decided to pick up where I left off, observing UNC students in their natural habitats and noticing interesting trends. I decided there was no better place to do this than in a lecture hall, with tons of students crammed into tiny desks, fighting for elbow room, resisting the temptation to visit Facebook for the 4th time (I’m talking to you girl 3 rows ahead of me). So, with out further ado, here at the stats:

Do Freshmen actually read the summer reading book?

Typically, incoming freshmen are surprised that the University assigns a summer reading book. Freshmen react to this “assignment” (while not required, the University strongly suggests freshmen read the book) with varying degrees of enthusiasm. How seriously do students actually take the summer reading assignment that culminates with group discussions with faculty members and guest speakers.

Reading of the Names

Even though the air was chilly Monday night and the hands on the Bell Tower were silently inching toward 1 a.m., a small group of students were gathered in the Pit listening to one of their peers read from a long list of names at a small podium.

Fresh(man) Eyes: Spring

The temperature is rising. The trees are growing greener. The birds are chirping. That can only mean one thing — spring is upon us. In college, I’ve found that spring seems to take on a different air. The campus seems to come alive, and everyone seems to be rushing outside.

Springtime on the Hill

It's springtime in Chapel Hill and students are finally getting a well-deserved break from the recent bitter, cold winter. For some, that even means giving up on the days of rolling over in bed and hitting the snooze button on the alarm clock too many times in avoidance of the dreaded ECON 101. The sun is shining, might as well go out and relax in it!

Diplomats detail modern political landscape

People sat on the stairs Tuesday night in a fully packed Nelson Mandela Auditorium at the FedEx Global Center to hear noted diplomats Sir Christopher Meyer and Ambassador Richard Armitage speak about the value of their jobs in modern times.

Thesis writing 101

To all the UNC undergraduate students wishing to impact their respective field of study, a thesis is perhaps your destiny. But before making this leap of faith, try to keep in mind the following points students and biology professor Charles Mitchell shared during a discussion panel held Tuesday night.