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Sunday January 16th


What are you doing for Spring Break?

The sun is out for the first time in about a week and people are getting excited for spring break. I went out and asked people about their plans and heard about roadtrips, beach vacations and relaxing at home.Sarah Hogshire, a junior psychology major, is going to Hawaii with a a friend for the week.

More than 1,000 to take part in International Pillow Fight Day

At the beginning of Francis Ford Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now,” Robert Duvall famously declares, “I love the smell of napalm in the morning.”It would seem that there are plenty of other warriors out there who prefer the fragrance of down and pillow feathers in the afternoon.

Fresh(man) Eyes: WTFs FTW

I saw something beyond awesome today: two kids playing in the mud. While this tale may come across as the saga of two weirdoes, one must remember that this is college. This is the land of midnight burger runs and sold-out a cappella concerts. This is where the mundane becomes the incredible.

Fresh(man) Eyes: Lowered Expectations

When I first learned that I was going to be a Tar Heel, second to my expectations of receiving a world-class education were my expectations of rooting on a world-class men's college basketball team.Although my book-learnin' has lived up to expectations, my hopes of rushing Franklin Street in a celebration of victory have diminished slowly over the course of the season.I should have known. After a four-loss season and dominance in the NCAA tournament that culminated in a championship last year, I thought the next season—my first as an official Tar Heel—would be great. A relatively inexperienced bench and a string of injuries have dashed those hopes of basketball glory.It was much to my surprise and delight that EA Sports was in the Pit promoting NCAA Basketball 10. Finally, a world where the 2009-10 team could beat up on lesser teams with superiority not known since...last year.

What you said: Feb. 1-7

This week, you talked about UNC basketball (men's and women's), the nasty weather, the Super Bowl and the N.C. Comedy Arts Festival on Twitter. Here's a sample:

Team 'dives' into snow angels

Jenna Moore sent in this video of divers from the UNC swimming and diving team having fun in the snow. Clad only in their swimsuits, the team made snow angels before rushing back inside. Check it out:

Your photos: snOMG!

Lots of you sent us your photos of the snowy weekend. We ran a few on page 3 of today's paper. Here are some of the others we received:

Tweeting the #SOTU

President Obama's State of the Union address was one of the most popular topics on Twitter last night. State and National Editor Ariel Zirulnick live-tweeted the speech, and folks in the Triangle had a lot to say too.

That's what you said

The Daily Tar Heel debuted a new feature in today's print edition, a package on page 3 highlighting our favorite reader tweets, Facebook comments and photos. You're already engaging with us online, and we want to use that space each Monday to give you a voice in print as well.

By-The-Numbers: First Week of Classes

It's the first week of classes on campus, and as students get acquainted with their classes and teachers I noticed some trends. Here are the numbers:-Students logging onto Student Central as the professor goes over the syllabus: 8-Number of icebreaker games that failed terribly: 2

Glover, Fox to speak at UNC

 When students return from winter break, two famous faces will join them on campus.Actor Danny Glover and former Mexican president Vicente Fox will deliver lectures on campus in late January.

By-The-Numbers: Lenoir Dining Hall

I had a quick dinner in Lenior tonight and, as always, I scanned the masses for some interesting trends.Here are the stats:-Students approaching the vegetarian meatloaf with an empty plate and turning around: 5-Lost students carrying trays looking for the friends: 4-Students eating breakfast for dinner, like mom used to make: 3

Fresh(man) Eyes: Trying New Things

 A few weeks ago, I tried double-chocolate-chip mint cookies.They were amazing.  Before that wondrous afternoon, I had never had double-chocolate-chip mint cookies.  I'm sure that plenty of you out there have eaten double-chocolate-chip mint cookies. Maybe you have been doing so for years.

Fresh(man) Eyes: Getting a Ride

As a freshman, getting around campus without a car is fine. I can always walk, and the P2P never fails.But any trips that involve leaving UNC is another story.  

The end of No Shave November: A true cause for celebration

We’re right in the middle of the holiday season. Thanksgiving is over and we still have Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year's eve approaching.Yet the only thing I feel like celebrating today is the end of "No Shave November."It might be because I don’t have facial hair, but I can’t understand the November phenomenon of trying to grow as much of it as possible.

Tips for keeping comic collections safe

One of the best things you can do to protect your stuff is to keep it covered with a thin plastic sheath.When it comes to comic books, that is.Preserving comic book collections was among the topics discussed Saturday by a panel of comic businessmen, collectors and academics.

By-the-Numbers: The Undergraduate Library

I spent about a hour in the Undergraduate Library today. Between my procrastinating and people-watching from the second floor, I noticed some interesting trends.Here are the stats:-Facebook accounts opened: 8-Phones vibrating: 2-Ringtone of "Romeo and Juliet" by Taylor Swift quickly being silenced: 1-Hushed conversations of people catching up: 1

Fresh(man) Eyes: Junk Food

When I first got to campus, I had noble intentions. I was going to be healthy and active.  I ate three, well-spaced meals throughout the day, with plenty of fruits and veggies. There were no ifs-ands-or-buts about not eating breakfast. The boxes of sugary snacks my parents left with me remained unopened.  I went to the gym three times a week.