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Sunday January 16th


Seniors begin ticket sales for "Seniors Got Talent"

On the court, Marcus Ginyard has no trouble entertaining rabid UNC students.On Oct. 9, senior class marshals Travis Cianciulli and Wei Xu hope a surprise performance by the Tar Heel basketball star, combined with Korean rap and various dance performances, will sell tickets to "Seniors Got Talent."

Selling sunglasses to help students in Peru

Imagine no desks or chairs in a classroom with broken windows.Children of a school in Huama, Peru, experience these conditions daily. To improve the situation, senior Ben Flitter is selling sunglasses on campus.  Not part of an on-campus organization, he works with the GO Campaign, a non-governmental organization.

Quiet day in Pit prompts memories

On a slow day in the Pit, it's easy to forget how hectic the center of campus can be.Though today's free Locopops from the Carolina Union Activities Board were exciting, the absence of a Pit Preacher or Dance Marathon recruiters prompted students to remember some more exciting experiences in the Pit.Sophomore Caitlin Sasser recalled one day that shocked her last year.

Rain boots come out with wet weather

Last week was wet.It's my own fault for not reading the weather forecasts and being caught without an umbrella during Tuesday's downpour.  I arrived back home soaked, thoroughly, after slushing through the Cameron Street River.  

Texas preacher visits Pit

From 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. a new Pit Preacher from Texas took center stage in the Pit. A few students sat on the steps in front of Lenior Dining Hall to listen to his personal views on Christianity. Ken Dornhecker is a rare occurrence in the Pit, only traveling to the Hill once a year with his wife, an N.C. native. Dornhecker spoke of his views on good deeds.

Bored with your own conversations?

Facebook. It has given us a way to stay in touch with friends, stalk a person's every move, find out about local events and join exciting groups with people just like us who enjoy being members of the "When I was your age, Pluto was a planet"group.

Student find creative sources for in-class entertainment

From shopping on eBay to Oregon Trail, students sitting in the Pit spoke candidly about techniques for staying awake in lectures.Instead of taking notes, students said they frequent Facebook, play card games and text with friends to pass the time.  But for others, simply observing their classmates overcome boredom in more creative ways is enough of a distraction.

QUIZ: Where should you live?

Deciding where to live can be a painful process filled with pro/con lists and night terrors. Use our quiz to by-pass the anxiety and tedious research and find out where you truly belong.

Lucked out

There’s a fine line between believing in luck and surrendering yourself to the crazy of the universe, and I think half the UNC campus has crossed it.

Yik Yak posts that sum up life at UNC

Late at night, when I’ve finally managed to complete my homework, I lay down my head on my pillow, pull my blanket over my body, get snuggled in, shut my eyes... ...and remember that I haven’t checked Yik Yak yet that night.

Man on the Street: Do we really have to go back to class?

Going back to class after a long weekend can be difficult — not to mention if that weekend is a snow weekend. As of press time, we still have class tomorrow. Digital staffer Sarah Kaylan Butler interviewed students to ask them, "If you had a minute to talk with UNC administration and plead your case as to why we shouldn't have class tomorrow, what would you say?"