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Tuesday December 7th


Culture shock: Weddings

There’s definitely something about spring that empowers the cupid in us. It might be the flowers blossoming everywhere, the Carolina Blue sky, or even the pollen in the air.

What is Holi Moli?

I'm sure that by now, you've heard of Holi Moli in some form or another and probably signed up to go, but what the heck is it?

I declared my major and it was horrible

I arrived on this campus a few months ago underneath the hot August sun. Before and after my arrival, every adult I encountered felt it was their duty to convey the same basic message: “You’ve got the world at your feet.”

9 stages of descending into UNC basketball madness

Stage 1: The initial interest — maybe you were Tar Heel born and bred, or maybe you just thought Carolina Blue uniforms were cuter than lame generically-colored uniforms or perhaps you started thinking UNC for one of your college options.