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Wednesday December 8th


10 things better than Valentine's Day in February

Whether you’re without a bae or in a flirtationship, everyone knows being single in February can be a miserable experience thanks to Valentine’s Day. Having a romantic interest on February 14 is not that important in the grand scheme of things so here’s ten other things to focus on and look forward to this February!

Sledding: The alternative methods

As we look out of our windows and forlornly watch as the first “snowpocalypse” of the season melts away, we now patiently await for the second coming (which is ironic in itself).

Dear UNC, the Pit is untapped potential

Dear Chancellor Folt and Those of the Right Color Blue, There is a phenomenon occurring between Student Stores and Lenoir Dining Hall. It is an overwhelming feeling of untapped potential, like the surrounding area is Icarus and the greatness it could be is the sun it will never reach. Students and faculty report a dullness in the area, which has been dubbed the ‘Pit’ to give face to the sensation.