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Wednesday June 7th

From the Press Box

A scientific look at Roy Williams' emotions

Emotion. A good song  by Carly Rae Jepsen and a great one by Destiny's Child. It's also something that UNC Men's Basketball Coach Roy Williams has a lot of.

And now, finally, thanks to Microsoft, we know exactly what he's feeling.

The software company released a wild new tool that uses an algorithm we'll never understand to guess how you feel, by using a picture of your face. Microsoft then divides up the emotions you express - anger, contempt, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, surprise and "neutral" - out of 100%.

The Daily Tar Heel used the tool to run some old photos of Roy to see just how he was feeling and graphed the results:

Happy Roy

Here, Roy is exactly 96.252 percent happy, according to a robot, which probably doesn't know everything but I'd bet can make its free throws.

Somewhat Surprised Roy

I imagine that the most recent word out of Williams' mouth while speaking to this official was a polite but pointed, "Sir?!" Microsoft notes that the coach maintains a calm composure but is noticeably (30.064 percent) surprised here. Probably because he expected a foul to be called when it wasn't, resulting in the Tar Heels losing out on the ability to miss two free throws.

Angry and Slightly Afraid Roy

This is certainly not the angriest he's ever been, but 72.891 percent angry is pretty high. Williams is presumably angered over a couple missed free throws.

Complex but Content Roy

Williams goes through a lot of emotions, mostly from missed free throws. But here, he is split happy (54.171 percent) and neutral (37.962 percent). Everything works out okay in the end.

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