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Monday March 20th

View from the Hill

Orange County voters, here's a final rundown of candidates in tonight's midterm election

U.S. Senate

Kay Hagan, Democrat

Incumbent, one term in office

1. Supports tax cuts for the middle class

2. Advocates on behalf of early education and making college more affordable

3. Supports the Affordable Care Act and increasing physician workforce in rural areas

Thom Tillis, Republican

Occupation: N.C. Speaker of the House

1. Supports cutting government spending and taxes

2. Wants to repeal Common Core and is against students refinancing loans

3. Wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act to allow for private market alternatives

Sean Haugh, Libertarian

Occupation: pizza delivery man

1. Wants to stop all war and halt arming of foreign rebel groups

2. Against excessive government spending and taxes

3. Wants to expand the free market of private providers for access to healthcare


U.S. House, District 4

Laura Fjeld, Democrat

Occupation: general counsel for the UNC system

1. Congress should support programs that reward creativity and innovation; less focus on standardized tests

2. Believes tax loopholes that allow U.S. corporations to outsource their business, tax cuts for the wealthy and subsidies for oil companies need to be addressed

3. Believes in a firm commitment on the U.S.’s part in supporting Israel against all attacks against it

Mark Walker, Republican

Occupation: finance management at the Flow Automotive Organization

1. Opposed to the Common Core, believes in state and local control over education over government involvement

2. Intends to encourage economic growth by reducing taxes on businesses and families. Supports a constitutional amendment that would require the national budget to be balanced

3. Believes mandated health insurance should be replaced with market-based systems that would bring down the cost of healthcare


U.S. House, District 6

David Price, Democrat

Incumbent, 13 terms in office

1. Wants reforms to Social Security and Medicare, wants a fairer tax code

2. Supports innovation at community colleges; wants to improve elementary and secondary level education; wants to invest in teacher retention

3. Supports the Affordable Care Act and wants to continue lobbying for science and medical research at Triangle=area universities

Paul Wright, Republican

Occupation: lawyer

1. Wants to stop the outsourcing of middle class jobs to other nations.

2. Believes in stopping what he calls the “deChristianization” of the American nation.

3. Wants to defund the Affordable Care Act.


N.C. Senate

Valerie Foushee, Democrat

Incumbent, half a term in office (appointed Sept. 13, 2013); served one term in N.C. House of Representatives

1. Supports investment in job creation, specifically in rural areas of the state

2. Supports Medicaid expansion and women’s access to preventative care

3. Supports renewed investments in K-12 and higher education

Mary Lopez-Carter, Republican

Occupation: owner of iDesign Media Solutions and real estate agent

1. Wants to foster small business creation by eliminating regulatory barriers

2. Opposes federal Common Core standards and supports investments in charter schools

3. Supports tax reform package in the state but opposes current Orange County tax structure


N.C. House, District 50

Graig Meyer, Democrat

Incumbent, half a term in office (appointed October 30, 2013)

1. Supports increasing teacher pay and making higher education more affordable

2. Advocates on behalf of women’s reproductive rights (access to birth control)

3. Supports protection of water resources and encourages conservation efforts

Rod Chaney, Republican

1. Occupation: pastor at Sunrise Church in Chapel Hill

2. Supports cutting government spending and taxesAdvocates for tying teacher pay to student performance

3. Supports repealing the Affordable Care Act


N.C. House, District 54

Verla Insko, Democrat

Incumbent, nine terms in office

1. Supports raising state’s minimum wage and restoring the earned-income tax credit

2. Against hydraulic fracturing in North Carolina

3. Supports education funding and Medicaid expansion

Dave Carter, Republican

Occupation: consultant

1. Supports the creation of a business-friendly environment in the private sector for job creation

2. Supports reforming financial aid system in the state

3. Against the Affordable Care Act

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