Digital Preservation meeting with UNC Archivist

Monday, 4:00pm, March 18th, 2019

Notes from teh meeting: Icontact -- Be managing yourself well. -- Posting instagram stories of a protest -- - Save- Save a story to your camera roll -- -Server If our photogs - THey’ll come in and ingest - day folder and their name in parenthesis. I Drop-box it to us -- we’ll uplaod it online -- Most of the time We publish some Our only video assignments -- none of those are on the server -- Uploaded CEO -- Anything we want to save. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, DTHSports, Udesk, City/State Youtube - uploaded Snapchat - died -- Facebook Live -- -how to save this FB live video.-- Emily - photo/video - having the local copy on the server that you control - online services last forever -- having the local copies on a servier that you contorl - Make sure it’s backed up so the server copy isn’t the only copy -- Thinking about how it’s backed up is important - Staying organized is the best tip -- -- hudnreds of photos of weird -- General caption - photo mechanic doesn’t attach it to the potos - embedded metadata -- sidecar xml - that has the caption-- -- First and last name of the photographer 30 on the desk --- Longer term photo video management -- -- having a process to go back -- Hard-drive -- Libraries --