Helen Woolard, Helen Woolard ·
Daryl White, Adam Nolton, Grant Austin and Murat Dirlik do restoration work on the 103 year old Edward Kidder Graham House, that stands in the Rosemary Historic District on 115 Battle Lane on Wednesday afternoon. Their goal for today was to remove all lead paint, caulk from old window frames, remove shashes and weights, preparing the frames for priming and then weatherstrip them. Molly Froehlich, a long-time Chapel Hill resident and long-time preservationalist purchased the home last October at $875,000. Since then, these men have removed and saved the trims, doors etc; removed all horse hair plaster and old plumbing and wiring, etc. THe biggest challenge they have had to face has been working as quickly as possible while making sure all the healthy and safety measures are met.

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