Emma Hayes, senior psychology major, is a transfer student who has struggled with class registration and fulfilling general education requirements due to UNC's stringent credit transfer policies.

For some transfer students, class registration at UNC feels nearly impossible

Registration for any UNC student can be stressful, but for some transfer students, lack of communication and late registration periods make graduating on time and taking the right courses seem impossible. 

Academic advising

The Academic Advising Program aims to help students create educational plans that fit their career and life goals and propel them toward graduation. They communicate the mission and curriculum of the University while helping students find their individual identities through their interests, abilities and goals. Find out more at the official website for academic advising.

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On the hunt: with graduation looming, seniors look to Career Services for help

For college students, perhaps nothing is as daunting as finding a full-time job. There's no one clear path or magic formula, as recent graduates — and UNC Career Services can — tell you. That's why they're trying to offer a variety of tools and resources to help.  At UNC, University Career Services consistently reports approximately 90% of alumni as either pursuing graduate studies or being employed full-time six months after graduation.