Carolina Center for Public Service up for cuts

Teaching, research and public service — advocates for the Carolina Center for Public Service say UNC’s historic commitment to these values is threatened as the Board of Governors reviews whether the state should pay for the center.

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors makes policy decisions for the UNC system and all of its constituent institutions. The board also elects the president of the UNC system — currently Thomas Ross — who oversees the system’s administrative affairs. The N.C. General Assembly elects all 32 voting members of the board to four-year terms. There are non-voting members as well, such as former board chairmen, former governors and the president of the Association of Student Governments.

Committees are often appointed to discuss certain issues. Some of those standing committees include one for audits, budget and finance, educational planning, policies and programs, personnel and tenure, public affairs, strategic directions and university governance. 

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UNC coalition presses Board of Governors for answers

Students from the UNC BOG Democracy Coalition met with several Board of Governors members on Monday, brimming with questions about system president Tom Ross’ forced resignation and the ongoing review of the UNC system’s centers and institutes.

Emilio Vicente, senior public policy major from Siler City, leads a discussion on financial aid and other student issues at a meeting for the North Carolina Student Power Union at Campus Y on Wednesday night based around the UNC Board of Governors.


A poster at the front of the room stated the facts: 91 percent white, 5.9 percent black, 3.1 percent Asian, 0 percent Hispanic, 80 percent men, 20 percent women, 29 Republicans, two Democrats.