BOG examines changes at other state universities

The UNC system is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious university systems in the nation. But as members of the system’s Board of Governors learned Wednesday, the state’s public universities might have some catching up to do as they prepare for the future.

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors makes policy decisions for the UNC system and all of its constituent institutions. The board also elects the president of the UNC system — currently Thomas Ross — who oversees the system’s administrative affairs. The N.C. General Assembly elects all 32 voting members of the board to four-year terms. There are non-voting members as well, such as former board chairmen, former governors and the president of the Association of Student Governments.

Committees are often appointed to discuss certain issues. Some of those standing committees include one for audits, budget and finance, educational planning, policies and programs, personnel and tenure, public affairs, strategic directions and university governance. 

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System leaders evaluating new funding freedom

UNC-system administrators say they will use their newfound flexibility with tuition revenues to better meet students’ financial aid needs. After the UNC-system Board of Governors voted Friday to grant universities more control of their funds, tuition and fee committees across the system will take a closer look at their schools’ individual financial aid needs.

The BOG's shift to the right

Being the party in charge of the North Carolina General Assembly comes with a few perks. One example is putting your campaign donors and ideological allies in charge of higher education policy.

Levels of UNC financial aid could decrease

UNC-system President Thomas Ross wants to hand the reins to campuses to determine how much tuition revenue they should devote to need-based financial aid. Campuses have been required to set aside at least 25 percent of new revenue from tuition increases for need-based financial aid since the adoption of the second four-year tuition and fee plan in 2010.

Q&A with Louis Bissette

Louis Bissette is a member of the UNC-system Board of Governors. He will be chairing a five-member panel that is reviewing UNC-Chapel Hill’s investigation of academic fraud in the Department of African and Afro-American Studies.

	Peter Hans gives his election speech at the May 14 BOG meeting.

Peter Hans elected as chair by UNC Board of Governors

Peter Hans will take over as chair for the UNC-system Board of Governors beginning July 1. Hans, who is currently the board’s vice chair, defeated Paul Fulton for the board-elected position. System President Thomas Ross said he expects Hans to be an outstanding leader and praised current Chairwoman Hannah Gage’s work.

UNC system pursues Chinese partnerships to keep NC competitive

The UNC-system Board of Governors has given the General Administration two months to create a strategic plan for the future of academic relations with China. Eight board members went to China in March to collaborate with Chinese leaders on the possibility of creating new university partnerships.