Oversight committee passes bill to regulate student fees

A bill that passed through a Student Congress committee Tuesday night would give the full body the power to regulate changes to eight major student fees. In its inaugural meeting, the oversight committee passed the bill, which would give the body the task of regulating certain fees that are first considered by the student fee audit committee. Adam Horowitz, chairman of the oversight committee and the bill’s sponsor, said Student Congress has the right to regulate certain fees, including the student activities fee and the safety and security fee. Article I, Section 4 of Title I of the Student Code gives Student Congress the power to regulate these fees.

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors makes policy decisions for the UNC system and all of its constituent institutions. The board also elects the president of the UNC system — currently Thomas Ross — who oversees the system’s administrative affairs. The N.C. General Assembly elects all 32 voting members of the board to four-year terms. There are non-voting members as well, such as former board chairmen, former governors and the president of the Association of Student Governments.

Committees are often appointed to discuss certain issues. Some of those standing committees include one for audits, budget and finance, educational planning, policies and programs, personnel and tenure, public affairs, strategic directions and university governance. 

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	Atul Bhula was re-elected by delegates to be president of the Association of Student Governments.

Student leaders await vote on BOG

Two versions of a bill to establish a student vote on the UNC-system Board of Governors have sat motionless in their respective chambers of the state legislature for three weeks. The UNC Association of Student Governments and its legislative allies have tried since 1997 — unsuccessfully — to get its president a vote on the board.

For-profit institutions to be licensed by the state

Public universities across the state are gearing up for competition from for-profit institutions.The UNC-system Board of Governors has been charged by the N.C. General Assembly to license non-public education institutions, including for-profit schools.

System looking to cut duplicate programs

The UNC-system Board of Governors voted Friday to cut 60 degree programs, and other programs in the system might face a similar fate if an upcoming review deems them unnecessary. The review, slated to begin after March 1, will encompass both undergraduate and graduate programs and consider student demand, operating cost and regional need.

UNC students demand that the Board of Governors allow equal education access to all, including undocumented workers, and not let the burden of the economy fall on students and the working class.  The protest took place Friday morning, starting in the pit and going down South Road towards the Board of Governors.

Student groups protest tuition hikes after 60 programs cut

About 30 student protesters marched from the Pit to the UNC-system Board of Governors meeting Friday, determined to bring attention to how students could be affected by budget cuts and tuition hikes. Board members voted to eliminate 60 degree programs systemwide and increase tuition by an average of $208 for undergraduate in-state students in an effort to offset the expected decrease in state funding.

UNC board to vote on program cuts, tuition

With a Republican dominated legislature ready to slash higher education funding, university-system officials are under pressure to salvage sources of financial aid. The UNC-system Board of Governors met Thursday and approved tuition hikes averaging $200 for university system campuses next year.

ASG tables campaign to gain UNC BOG vote

As some at the University question the UNC Association of Student Governments’ credibility, the president’s attempt at improving its effectiveness was shot down by his own council members Saturday. After much debate, student body presidents from across the state decided to table ASG President Atul Bhula’s bill, supporting his campaign to gain a vote at UNC-system Board of Governors’ meetings.

	Jim Woodward will review UNC-system programs for cut potential.

UNC system may cut duplicated degree programs

The financial plight of the UNC system will not be revealed for another few months, but administrators are preparing for a detailed review that will help them make strategic cuts when the time comes. Jim Woodward, former chancellor of UNC-Charlotte and N.C. State University, will be leading a review of the 2,000 degree programs offered systemwide to determine which ones universities can do without.