Campus Y

The Campus Y is an organization that pursues social justice through promoting pluralism in North Carolina specifically and throughout the rest of the world. It was established in 1860 and has about 2000 members every year.

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Students gather in Manning Hall on Thursday evening to hear from a panel of speakers who work in the justice system within the community. Panelists answer questions about topics such as the juvenile justice and the racial disparity they have witnessed. Sophomore Brandon Morrissey said he attended the event "to hear what's being done to combat the sad truths of a juvenile justice system which pushes students from a harsh education system to the prison system."

Panel: courts too tough on teens

In North Carolina, no one can buy a lottery ticket, watch an R-rated movie or vote for a lawmaker at 16 — but courts still prosecute many 16-year- olds as adults. In the North Carolina system, anyone older than 16 can be tried as an adult in court.