Mackenzie Thomas and Jagir Patel are running to be co-presidents of the Camous Y. The platform involves strengthening currently existing infrastructure and focusing on committees.

Thomas and Patel are next Campus Y co-presidents

The Campus Y elected Mackenzie Thomas and Jagir Patel its next co-presidents Tuesday. With the win, voters chose a platform of strengthening committees versus one which emphasized the Campus Y’s role as a place of activism within the University.

Campus Y

The Campus Y is an organization that pursues social justice through promoting pluralism in North Carolina specifically and throughout the rest of the world. It was established in 1860 and has about 2000 members every year.

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Victoria Hale, a pharmaceutical scientist and global health entrepreneur, speaks at the TEdxUNC conference on Saturday, Jan 21.

Organizers consider TEDxUNC a well-attended success

To close the TEDxUNC conference Saturday, John McGowan issued a warning. If nothing came of the event, a sign would be put up at the FedEx Global Education Center that read, “In this spot in 2012, nothing happened,” the director of UNC’s Institute for the Arts and Humanities said.

Tuition isn’t just about the numbers

“Poverty is not an excuse from but a reason for education.” Former UNC President Edward Kidder Graham wrote this in 1916, reminding us of the bedrock principles of accessibility and affordability upon which our “University of the people” is built.

A home for all

In the recent storm of online comments, quad conversations and administrative meetings, the essence of the debate over Will Thomason’s removal from Psalm 100 is at risk of being lost.

UNC's Campus Y celebrates 150 years of innovation

GGenerations of social activists will meet this weekend to celebrate 150 years of working for change. More than 300 students and 150 faculty members, alumni and community members are expected to join the Campus Y this weekend at a combined reunion and conference. The event, titled “Carolina Change-Makers: 150 years of Innovations in Social Justice,” begins today and ends Sunday. Registration is required for events with food, but on-site tickets will be available at individual events.