9/24/2019 10:26pm

Interim Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz hears from the Chancellor's Advisory Committee in the conference room of South Building in Chapel Hill on Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2019.

Guskiewicz workshops Alert Carolina after crimes rattle students

A rape, attempted break-in and report of sexual harassment outside Davis Library have recently instilled fears within UNC students. With suspects at large in all three crimes, interim Chancellor Guskiewicz sat down with an advisory committee where they brainstormed ways to improve Alert Carolina and ultimately, reestablish a sense of safety on campus. 

9/22/2019 10:46pm


Some worry Reckoning program doesn't measure up to peer institutions

“I can't pinpoint why some other universities have gotten ahead of this issue more than UNC,” Hinson said. “But UNC has been actively resisting it.” Many Southern universities are trying to reckon with their histories of race and slavery. This year, UNC introduced the Commission on History, Race and Reckoning and several classes meant to educate on UNC's past of slavery and racial injustices. However, some UNC professors said the University does not hold up to other peer institutions' programs regarding the same topics.