9/12/2019 12:36am

The Media and Journalism school is changing their application process from needing a 3.1 to a more thorough in-depth application.

Business journalism program faces uncertain future after losing leader

Following the resignation of Chris Roush, former director of UNC's business journalism major, the Hussman School of Journalism and Media currently has not issued a replacement. Dean Susan King of the school shares her thoughts on the future of the program and how current students in the program are affected. 

9/5/2019 12:28am

athlete tracking graphic-01.png

UNC tracking student-athlete class attendance through third-party beacon tech

As an attempt to make sure the athletics attendance policy is being upheld by student-athletes, new beacon technology has been installed in classrooms throughout the University. The purpose of the beacons are to communicate with mobile devices to ensure that the athletes are attending class and in class for the duration of the period.  Though the technology is promised by its distributing organization to be non-invasive and that the software lacks tracking capabilities outside of the classroom; some UNC professors are concerned that the technology poses a privacy threat and surveils student-athletes, with the potential to spread into further supervision of student whereabouts.