4/15/2014 6:04pm

SUCCEED makes science ‘fun’

Sophomore Calvin Snyder did not become a biochemistry major for the work, the late nights, or tons of lab reports he has to finish — it is because he likes the experiments.

4/13/2014 4:24pm

Mia Hamm speaks at the formal introduction ceremony for the Order of the Golden Fleece on their 110th anniversary. IDK IF YOU NEED THIS BUT I THOUGHT IT WAS CUTE: "It's [UNC] just the southern part of heaven. Actually, its just heaven."

UNC alumna Mia Hamm returns to campus for lecture

With the century-old ritual for new member selection to The Order of the Golden Fleece completed, two-time World Cup champion, philanthropist and UNC alumna Mia Hamm took the stage to present the 2014 Frank Porter Graham Lecture on Excellence.