1/13/2020 8:02pm

Ava Erfani (left), a political science major, addresses a crowd from the steps of Wilson Library during a "No War with Iran" protest on Monday, Jan. 13, 2020. “Our entire culture is based around this idea of taarof, a valuing of friendship and showing your appreciation for other people," said Erfani, whose family came from Iran. "It’s a big reason why it upsets me so much to see politicians talking about a place like that as expendable or evil."

'War is never the answer': Students protest Iran conflict on the steps of Wilson

UNC students and members of surrounding communities gathered outside Wilson Library on Monday afternoon to protest the potential war with Iran. Some attendees shared their reasons for opposing conflict in Iran, including personal ties to the country and a hope that the United States will not divert money toward this conflict.  Many similar protests have happened across the country following a strike ordered by President Donald Trump. Some critics of this decision have compared a potential war with Iran that could come from this action to a third world war, especially on social media. 

1/7/2020 9:33pm

Silent Sam in McCorkle Place

UNC faculty express opposition to Silent Sam deal through department statements

Various community members share their thoughts concerning the UNC Board of Governors' decision to pay $2.5 million to the North Carolina Sons of Confederate Veterans for the Silent Sam statue. These thoughts follow the release of several statements by several academic centers on campus suggesting their opposition to the statue settlement. 

1/7/2020 8:53pm

The UNC Cogeneration Facility stands in Chapel Hill on Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2019. A recent lawsuit levied against UNC alleges the plant burns an excessive amount of coal at once and the University fails to monitor pollution control systems.

Lawsuit against UNC claims coal plant could pose health risks to community

UNC's Cogeneration Facility faces a lawsuit against its coal-burning practices from the Center for Biological Diversity and the Sierra Club. Many students think it is past time that the University switch to sustainable energy sources, since former Chancellor Holden Thorp pledged years ago that UNC would be coal-free by 2020. However, the University abandoned that plan four years ago for being greenhouse-gas neutral by 2050. Now, questions are cropping up about how the University is managing the plant, how much coal it is burning and what health risks this could pose for the surrounding community.