1/21/2018 8:00pm

Chapel Hill received up to 10 inches of snow on Jan. 17, leading to two and a half days of cancelled classes for UNC students.

University staff works through snow to ensure students have full stomachs

As snow covered the University last week, students across campus frolicked in the absence of classes. But for some, the wintery weather didn’t mean time off, as the University remained in Condition 2: Suspended Operations — where classes are  canceled, but the University remains open for mandatory operations. This means some workers, like employees of Carolina Dining Services, must still report to work. 

10/30/2017 8:20pm

Students practice chants in the quad before the protest Monday.

Why are students protesting Wendy's?

Carolina Advocating for Gender Equity and Students United for Immigrant Equality co-hosted the “Boot the Braids” Wendy's protest on campus Monday. The protest stemmed from the fast food chain's refusal to join the Fair Food Program.