12/1/2011 8:23pm

Jared Mezzocchi's play "Poppa, God Bless" opens this week at the Historic Playmakers Theater. The play centers around Joe Quinn, a ninety year old man who discovers that he can use the internet and emails to relive the good memories of his past. 

The workers really encourage pictures of him at the desk and of the cube itself.

Process Series features performances still in development

Though showing tonight at Historic Playmakers Theatre, Jared Mezzocchi’s one-man show — “Poppa, God Bless” — isn’t complete. The performance is the second installment of the Process Series, which features performance works that are still in progress.

11/28/2011 7:44pm

UNC theater graduate, Estes Tarver, in the spotlight

His colleagues agree that Estes Tarver deserves a standing ovation. While staging his acting career amidst greats like Oscar-winner Colin Firth and writing quirkily murderous characters, Tarver still manages to participate in local theater.

11/10/2011 4:36pm

Memorial Hall promotes this weekends visit by Orchestre Révolutionnaire Romantique to UNC. The world renown orchestra will be performing Beethoven in a form similar to the way his music would have originally been performed. To promote this students from UNC passed out Beethoven themed stickers and pieces of a Beethoven face-cake. Students had the oppurtunity to take their picture with Beethoven (Jo Saberniak) as he ran around Memorial Hall handing out flyers and asking passerbys what decade it was.

Beethoven’s symphonies coming to Memorial Hall in their original form

Beethoven’s 19th century classical and romantic music is coming to Memorial Hall. The Orchestre Révolutionnaire et Romantique, an acclaimed orchestra from the United Kingdom, specializes in playing Beethoven exactly the way it was composed, played and heard in the 19th century before the composer became deaf.

10/11/2011 6:25pm

Chapel Hill arts organizations kept afloat with donor help

In the about 20 square miles that make up Chapel Hill sit three nationally acclaimed organizations dedicated to the arts, which act as three windows to the world of performance and art. The Ackland Art Museum, Carolina Performing Arts and PlayMakers Repertory Company have each received millions less in funding from the University as the system has cut its budget.

9/28/2011 4:10pm

An opera singer leans forward with his awards on display inside an old theatre

Four-time Grammy winner Griffey will perform at Memorial Hall

The opening night for the opera “Of Mice and Men,” in Sydney, Australia, this July ended in a six-minute standing ovation. Four-time Grammy winner Anthony Dean Griffey — who played one of the two leads, Lennie — was on the receiving end of the high-level applause, a rarity at the Sydney Opera House.

9/15/2011 5:40pm


Carolina Performing Arts maintains student ticket prices despite budget cuts

In 2005, Carolina Performing Arts was built on $10 student ticket prices. Six years later, despite a decline of millions of dollars in University funding, that price remains. Though the allotment continues to shrink, Emil Kang, executive director for the arts, said he has no plans to raise prices for students to see some of the world’s most sought-after performance acts.