6/3/2014 12:01am

Franklin St. is under construction on the 400 block in order to make it more pedestrian friendly.

Pedestrians gain from West Franklin face-lift

Chapel Hill residents are already well acquainted with the sounds of construction in downtown areas — and it is not over yet.Since 1994, the town of Chapel Hill has been ceaselessly renovating its sidewalks and surrounding public spaces around Franklin Street and Rosemary Street through a construction project called Streetscape.The Chapel Hill Town Council adopted the Streetscape Master Plan in 1993 and updated it in 2009 — and since then, the town has invested millions of dollars to make the sidewalks more attractive.

5/28/2014 5:46pm

All up in your business for May 29, 2014

This month, Launch Chapel Hill is accepting applications to its biannual 22-week accelerator program, which provides tools for entrepreneurs to help them decrease risks and accelerate the growth of their start-up businesses.