10/2/2014 11:45pm

Orange County proposes food council

As a county that prides itself on eating locally grown produce and foods, Orange County agreed this week to join the growing trend of municipalities with food councils.

10/1/2014 12:33am

Breadmen's owners Roy Piscatello and Bill Piscatello sit with Omar Castro, who will take over as the new manager of the restaurant.

Breadmen's turns 40

No balloons, no streamers. It’s just another hard day’s work for Breadmen’s co-owner Roy Piscitello as the 40th anniversary of his popular Rosemary Street restaurant approaches.

9/26/2014 1:52am

Meals on Wheels food truck rodeo coming to Carrboro

Meals on Wheels drives around Chapel Hill and Carrboro every weekday, delivering food to senior citizens and people with disabilities. It also raises money through the same medium — by hosting food truck rodeos.