3/19/2014 5:59pm

Judge Howard Manning heard a case Wednesday brought by The Daily Tar Heel and other local media organizations asking for records in the Faith Hedgepeth case to be unsealed. Hugh Stevens, an attorney representing the media companies, was facing the District Attorney's office. Judge Manning concluded that he will take some time to review the records.

Faith Hedgepeth records to stay sealed

The records related to the Faith Hedgepeth homicide weren’t unsealed Wednesday, but members of the media still learned more about the case than they have in the last 18 months.

3/18/2014 4:13pm

Video not requested in Hedgepeth homicide case

It’s been 18 months since Faith Hedgepeth was found dead in her off-campus apartment. Police say they are still diligently working to name a killer, but the trickle of information initially released has now slowed to a halt.

3/16/2014 4:16pm

Supreme Court hears Chapel Hill's towing, cellphone cases

Ask George King who he’s fighting for at the North Carolina Supreme Court today, and he’ll tell you anyone with a cellphone that drives through Chapel Hill. King, who owns George’s Towing and Recovery, is at the center of a controversy that started when the Chapel Hill Town Council passed a modified towing ordinance requiring tow operators to post clear signs near tow zones, to alert police when they tow a vehicle and to not tow vehicles more than 15 miles outside of Chapel Hill.

3/16/2014 4:16pm

Faith Hedgepeth records to be reviewed on March 17

The sealing order will expire today on the records related to the homicide of Faith Hedgepeth. Hedgepeth was a UNC junior when she was found dead in her apartment on Sept. 7, 2012. Three days after her death, a Durham County Superior Court judge sealed multiple search warrants and a 911 call associated with Hedgepeth’s case.