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Tuesday June 15th


Column: Dear sister, again

"And now you know that your experiences, your sufferings, your safety, your health and even your expensive learning — they are all pitted against the cold background of a university that could not be bothered to care."

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Opinion writer Rajee Ganesan poses for a portrait. Photo courtesy of Rajee Ganesan.

Column: Where UNC went wrong

"Continuing higher education amidst a pandemic is certainly unprecedented, and as one of the nation’s leading public universities, and coming up with an effective plan for reopening is going to take more work."

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Photo courtesy of Susan Romaine.

Column: I care about you. My neighbors do, too.

"So, Tar Heels, my challenge to you is this: prove them wrong. You have an opportunity to turn this semester into something extraordinary. You have a chance to achieve something far greater than any individual accomplishment. It is rising collectively to the occasion of an unparalleled crisis."

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Column: Meet your new opinion editor

"I’m honored to serve as The Daily Tar Heel’s opinion editor for the 2020-21 year. To me, the opinion page is the heart of the community, a place where we can have important discussions about issues relevant to UNC and the larger Chapel Hill population. These conversations, however difficult they may be, are critical as we determine how to move forward as a desk, as a newsroom and as a community."

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Column: Removing Native American imagery from sports is long overdue

"The next time you see someone dressed up as a chief with a headdress and painted skin at a Kansas City Chiefs game, or doing the Tomahawk chop at a Braves game, ask yourself: is it OK to use that imagery and represent Native Americans the way we do, despite their demonstrated anger at those stereotypes and the tragedies they suffered as a result of American colonialism and expansion?"

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Students in Evanston, IL joined countless other cities around the nation in support of the Black Lives Matter movement by protesting against the killing of George Floyd and other recent tragedies on Sunday, May 31, 2020.

Column: We just changed our social media policy. Here’s why.

"We need to do better, and as a student newspaper that claims to train the next generation of journalists, that change has to start with us. So, we’re changing our social media and conflict of interest policies to remove barriers that prevented our staffers from expressing themselves, as a recognition that our identities can enrich our reporting."

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Column: Hot take sports shows have gone cold

Nowadays, sports channels' daytime programming is a glut of shows that all feel the same. Starting before sunrise, you can watch a mix of experts and big personalities debate each other for hours on end on a redundant set of topics that make up the day in sports. 

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