1/22/2019 10:59pm

Column: The dominant factor in UNC's affirmative action policy

 Underrepresented students who have a viable claim to a discrimination suit are the only ones with standing to benefit from affirmative action under the racial justice rubric. The law can’t recognize an unquantifiable concept like institutional racism. The only real question is whether administrators at UNC allowed their ideology to cloud their understanding of law and the Constitution.  

1/17/2019 11:13pm

Ramishah Maruf

Column: Why aren't we having children?

In the past decade, fertility rates in the United States have dropped dramatically. Young adults, specifically college graduates, experienced the greatest decrease in fertility rates, largely due to cultural and economic factors. The Editorial Board was intrigued by this finding and decided to ask some of its female members about their opinions on having children after graduation. 

1/15/2019 10:33pm

Kent McDonald

Column: Am I tidy?

Maybe senior year is far more about confronting grief than sparking joy. Maybe letting go does not require abandoning sentimentality. Maybe the most sentimental thing we can do is let go. 

1/15/2019 10:08pm

Column: Close 'open secrets'

The entertainment industry has been complicit in its lack of reporting sexual abusers, and the situation with R. Kelly is no exception. 

1/15/2019 8:20pm


Column: My RA was unjustly fired

My RA was one of my closest friends on campus. UNC feels like less of a home for me without him on my floor. I believed in UNC’s commitment to my First-Year Experience, an experience that my RA was essential to creating and one that the administration actively damaged by removing him, especially in such a drawn-out, confusing way.