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Saturday December 3rd


NFL owners unfair in dispute

As of this morning, we are 10 days into the NFL’s announced lockout of the players. The lockout stems from owners and the players’ union unable to strike a deal regarding the appropriation of $9 billion of annual league revenue.

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We’re bringing home the bacon

Spring break diets may come and go, but when it comes to satisfying that urge to splurge on calories, bacon is forever. Quirky, kitschy and downright goofy-looking, bacon is America’s gastronomic sweetheart, but what’s with all the hoopla that surrounds pig belly meat anyway?

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New shelter, for some

Hey, progressive Chapel Hillians, how high does your social justice meter go? Do you draw the line at thinking about the rights and treatment of sex offenders — one of society’s most stigmatized groups?

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Help us help you with your tickets

Here’s the deal: There has been quite a bit of criticism surrounding this year’s ticket policy. Despite a few minor flaws, the Carolina Athletic Association feels that the current ticket policy is fundamentally good, and before it is condemned by the entire student body (or perhaps just a vocal few), your friends at the CAA would like to address a few common misconceptions: n Misconception: Seniors and last year graduate students don’t get Phase priority for Duke tickets.

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Required vaccines could save some lives

We live in a world where “natural” and “organic” are growing trends. And in general, things that are natural or organic are better for you, but if this concept is taken to the extreme, it can be dangerous. To go the more “natural” route, some parents are choosing not to immunize their children, based on the idea that natural immunity is more effective than vaccines.

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Capital update: shutdown looms

It’s unlikely that a temporary federal government shutdown would do too much damage to UNC or North Carolina — but here in D.C., it’s another story. It could be a painful experience for the city, and it’s not that improbable.

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Welcome, spring fashions!

A groundhog predicts an early spring? Marvelous. It appears the weather really is improving and this tends to imply blokes throwing a Frisbee around willy-nilly with their shirts off, and the main quad transforming into something that resembles a zoo.

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