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Wednesday March 22nd


A mask sitting on the sidewalk near Franklin Street in Chapel Hill on Feb. 2, 2021.

Column: The omicron variant, explained

"As of right now, the omicron variant is something to simply keep your eye on, and not something to worry about contracting on a trip to the grocery store. Keep masking up, social distancing and washing your hands — especially with flu season in full swing."

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Assistant sports editor Jeremiah Holloway walks across campus in preparation for this week's Office DJ.

Office DJ: Dark horse songs from musical geniuses

Truthfully, many popular artists have “hidden” gems in their discography that the casual fan likely knows, but only their most dedicated listeners can tell you what their best songs actually are.  Today, I’ve compiled a few dark horse songs from some popular artists that I think deserve some shine. 

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DTH Photo Illustration. A UNC student reads a Bible on campus.

Column: Keeping the faith through religion

"I started to think that religion, all types of religion, is humanity’s attempt to keep the faith. So many of us need to believe that life isn’t random, and religion provides us with rituals and stories to help us keep believing that. Religion helps us keep the faith."

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DTH photo illustration. Various examples loosely based on real Parents Helping Parents (unaffiliated) Facebook Mom posts.

Column: In memory of the UNC Parents Helping Parents Facebook group

"The UNC-CH Parents Helping Parents Facebook group is made up of 4,800 concerned Tar Heel moms, full of critiques and comments about everything from their child's wake-up routine to the inner workings of the UNC Board of Governors. After months of closely studying this group, we have found numerous posts so significant it would be a detriment to the UNC community not to share them." 

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