8/25/2019 11:33pm

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Column: Balancing growth

Nancy Oates, a member of Chapel Hill Town Council up for re-election this year, discusses how she views greenspace as a vital aspect of Chapel Hill. 

8/20/2019 11:32pm

Devon Johnson, opinion editor. 

Meet your 2019 Opinion Editor

My desk's mission to diversify our staff is not about stroking our progressive egos for the sake of having a postcard-worthy staff. This effort is about producing the best content possible while simultaneously uplifting the voices and opinions of marginalized folks in our community. 

8/20/2019 10:50pm

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Meet your 2019 Assistant Opinion Editor

This year I will be listening to others, taking in feedback, leading conversations and writing more columns. I am thankful for these moments, which are a result of the privilege that being a student here has afforded me. 

7/15/2019 12:23am

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Column: Chapel Hill's role in combating climate change

"The social and health benefits of walkable neighborhoods, the green spaces that we will create, and the greenways that will be constructed will all promote a much higher quality of life for our residents."

7/8/2019 11:54am

William J. L. Parker.jpg

Column: Preclinical medical education is wastefully obsolete

The preclinical years of medical education are a scam.  Undergraduate medical education in America (i.e., the period before graduating with an M.D. degree) is generally split into two years in the classroom, and two years seeing patients in the clinic. This system was recommended by the Flexner Report more than a century ago, and it is a thorough blueprint for ensuring students learn the science and skill of medicine, respectively. Developments in self-study resources and medical curriculum norms, though, have made the price of the preclinical semesters absurd. The National Board of Medical Examiners should test — and medical schools should welcome — those who want to jump right into clinical studies.

6/30/2019 11:04pm

UNC sophomore Marin Wolf is city editor during summer 2019.

Column: Register to run for your local government

One of my favorite parts of this county is how involved its residents are in local government. They write letters, they speak up, they show up week after week and fight for what they believe. It’s inspiring, and it’s the only way Orange County will continue to become a more inclusive place.