1/8/2019 8:06pm

elisa kadackal.jpeg

Column: Resolutions matter

"Whether you’ve committed to working out five times a week or spending less time online shopping in class or eating more broccoli or traveling to New Zealand to visit Peter Jackson’s Middle Earth, (OK, I’m definitely projecting here), your goals for this year are valid and worth making."

1/8/2019 8:02pm

Ramishah Maruf

Column: Meet your opinion editor

"The opinion page is the center of the Chapel Hill community, offering a place for discussions on topics that directly affect us. It’s the soul of the paper and the community. Running that is a responsibility that Elisa Kadackal, our new assistant opinion editor, and I hold seriously."

1/8/2019 7:54pm

Sydney Peregoy

Column: Reflections on my first day on Earth

"Yesterday I was brought into this world ... That’s right, I was born yesterday, just yesterday! Given the current political climate I’ve just learned about, I thought I should relay some of my newborn thoughts on all of the current events I’ve just learned about within the past 24 hours."

12/5/2018 12:44pm

Alec Dent.JPG

Column: The Edit Board Secret Santa Roast!

The Editorial Board has had a lot of disagreements at board meetings this semester but our relationships are largely defined by mutual respect and good-natured ribbing. This may be a politically divisive time, but friendships still can, and do, happen across the aisle. So, without further ado, allow me to present the DTH Edit Board Roast.

12/4/2018 9:12pm

Paige Masten

Column: Shout-out to my fans

“Claude: ‘I am the worst writer on the DTH staff, and I am the most disconnected from objective reality.’ Paige: ‘Hold my Tide pod.’”

12/3/2018 7:09am

Alec Dent.JPG

Column: My farewell (of sorts) address

"The Daily Tar Heel is an important Carolina institution, and I have been privileged to serve as opinion editor for this semester. So, it is with a touch of sadness that I am stepping down from my role at the paper."

11/27/2018 10:18pm

Seth Newkirk

Column: Pour one out for Fedora

"Although perhaps he could not quite overcome the tasks which he was faced with, Coach Fedora did his level best and took responsibility when he did not live up. For that I commend him."

11/26/2018 8:59pm

Column: Senseless death, same as it ever was

A small death of my soul occurs every time I hear of another slaughter. I worry that enough of these small deaths, felt as a nation, will leave no one to take a hold of the wheel and swerve us off of this terrible path. 

11/25/2018 10:07pm

Ramishah Maruf

Column: The real enemy

I’m a journalism major, and I think often about what my career will look like after I graduate. It’s a dangerous time to be a journalist, and if our president won’t protect us, who will?