8/23/2018 9:44pm

Three is the funniest number at the PIT Chapel Hill

The Peoples Improv Theater will kick-off their comedy season by hosting a Trifecta Improv show featuring three comedy groups from North Carolina.  “I think audiences in the Triangle are maybe more sophisticated. They’ve had some great improv for awhile, so they know kind of what to expect,” said Now are the Foxes improv member Cale Evans.

8/21/2018 10:00pm

Office DJ: We're bringing it back, y'all

Office DJ was a DTH tradition a couple years ago. We want to bring it back because we want you to get to know your newsroom. We’re not just over-obsessed journalism nerds who put out a paper — we’re a motley crew with a variety of interests. Maybe listening to my music will let you learn mine. 

8/21/2018 12:36am

Fixer Upper: Dorm edition

Here's a look at how students have transformed their dorms into homey spaces that optimize space and provide maximum comfort. Glean some inspiration for sprucing up your dorm.

8/20/2018 10:56pm

Alcohol bottles and cans litter a table after a birthday party in Chapel Hill in August 2018.

A first-year's guide to going out and staying safe

No matter what you have planned for your first couple of weekends here at UNC — whether that be staying out late to study, hanging out with friends or going out to parties — there are resources here on campus and other students willing to help you out. Stay safe, UNC.

4/26/2018 9:23pm

In this illustration, a teacher is lighting a pot belly stove in Chapter Three of "Little School in the Woods." Courtesy of Maggie Shibley.

UNC art major Maggie Shibley helps bring a children's book to life

Maggie Shibley, UNC senior and studio art major, illustrated Emily Brewer's newest children's book, "Little School in the Woods." The book tells the history of a rural North Carolina schoolhouse for African-American children. Staff writer Rebecca Fiely talked to Shibley about her experience illustrating the book.